Marlin fishing is without a doubt the Fishing Trip that creates the biggest emotion to the two young men!

As the attack of this fish is: Aggressive, Powerful and Spectacular!

The Billfish is: Strong, Impressive and gives Amazing Fight!

BUT, there is this period of the year where during two or three weeks, from Mid- March to Mid-April, big groups of Yellow Fin Tunas are cruising from the North to the South of Mauritius Coast.

The Tunas in this period are far bigger (60 kgs to 100 kgs) than the ones we can see all year long (30 to 40 kgs). We call them here in Mauritius, the “Japanese Tuna”.

It is the only fish that can create as much feeling as a Marlin does to these two fishermen?? them.

They do not fish the Japanese tuna with the exact same technics as they use for the smallest Tunas or the Marlins. It is now a mix of big plastic Squids and Iland Express lures. The trolling speed itself is lower (6 knots) instead of (8 knots) for the Marlin.

Most of the time, The Japanese Tunas can be found among groups of porpoise (marsouins) . What is very intense is that once you find the porpoises, you know that anytime the strike is possible. You can feel your heart beating intensively, your hands start to sweat and no one is talking in the boat! Concentration time now! The stress and the excitement are at a peak!

And what about this afternoon Tuna Fishing trip on the 9th March 2016 with their client. After 30 minutes of trolling, they are finally able to find the group of porpoise. The activity seems to be perfect as the mammals are jumping, splashing the top of the sea. It is a sign that they are hunting and hopefully the Tunas also.

After only 5 minutes, STRIKE! But it is not a “Japanese Tuna” as the fish cannot take the line out of the 130 PENN INTERNATIONAL V.

A Mahi Mahi is jumping. A bit disappointed as they are looking expressly for these monster Tuna. The client, with a good technic does not take more than 2 minutes to bring the Mahi (dorado) to the Boat. Never mind, a 12 kgs Dorado is already on board and they are happy about that. There is plenty of time to catch the Giant Yellow Fin.

The sea is rough, the waves are quite big, it is cold, they all wet and the wind is around 18 knots. But never give up; They continue to troll among the porpoise. The client is still motivated and they are keeping him positive: “Don’t worry brother, he is going to bite. It is just a matter of time and patience”!

, They are now enjoying (??) these giant groups of flying fish trying to escape the birds, the mammals, the Mahi’s and the Tunas. The beauty of the wild nature!

But something is now attracting their attention! The Tunas splash are more frequent on the surface!

Finally after a few minutes, second Strike!!!! Fish On! Now it’s him. Big big strike as the line is going out at a super speed. In a flash, the client is on the fighting chair, all the lures are pulled in and the fight begins. The motivation is big in the Boat.

After the strike rush, they estimate that there is approximately 350 meters of line out. What a rush this tuna did.

At the beginning, it is difficult to pull the head of this monster up. He seems to be very strong and big. The client with the help and the tips of Michael and Ian, slowly but surely continues to work on the fish and soon, the Tuna start to respond positive.

The client is now doing a very good job. After only 30 minutes, the fish is already at 10 meters under the boat.

Now is the more technical part of the job. Very slowly and with a high level of concentration the two young fishermen and the client manage to bring the Japanese tuna to the surface. The fish is definitely very tired. Easily, they put one fishing gaff in the head and another one just behind. A few hits on the Tuna head and they are pulling this superb fish in the boat.

What a strong and intense moment.

They are all super happy and decide to go back to shore.

Once back, the fish is weighted at 140 Lbs.

Amazing afternoon!