We are today the 10th September 2014 and yesterday they did a great fishing with many Mahis.  So as there was no booking for today, they decided to go back on the same spot.

It’s now, 6h15 am and the 3 lines are already out. And the first strike comes after the first passage! Mahis on. Second passage another Mahis on. It’s looking good for the rest of the day.

After a couple of turns, 5 mahi mahi and 4 yellow fin tunas are already on board! Nice. But while the confidence is growing strongly, the strikes stopped. A bit weird, because 5 mins earlier fish were so active.

“No stress let’s change fishing technics and try jigging”! Two drops, four drops, six and finally one bite of tuna. Three hours later, the catch is : Five Mahis and ten tunas. it is now around 10h am.

The weather is so beautiful. Only a few clouds, very light wind, the sea is as flat as a swimming pool surface and as clear as fresh water in a bottle. The Mahis are jumping behind the flying fish, the birds are as usual screaming when they see their “food”  trying to escape. They so funny!

“Let’s try another technic!” They have a fresh bonito (skipped jack tuna) from catch of the day before and decide to use it as bait for the Mahis. Good choice! Straight after the first piece of bonito in the sea, here is the Mahi. Boom! Strike! Fish is ON! In one hour, five more Mahis in the fish box. Yeahbaaaaa!

Then, samagain,no more fish near the surface, no more bite even when trying to fish for them deep with the jigs! Ahhhh sh.. ! But something is in their mind. Big fish (Blue Marlin or Black Marlin) might be chasing and scaring the Mahis.

After one hour … One tuna strike!How? God knows! It is now around 12h pm. First idea that pops up is to go for marlin fishing. So they start trolling the 4 kgs tuna alive at 25 meters behind MIC MAC. One hour later, NOTHING !!! They were sure he was around!

Then: ”Let’s try one more time trolling silicone lures and if no bite, time to go back home!” At the same time, they both SCREAM:”MARLIN! MARLIN BEHIND” it was like he was following their tuna since a moment. And as the tuna was still attached with the leader it was easy to put him back in the sea. This monster is a Blue Marlin and seems to be very hungry.

He comes behind the boat, turnsaround the dead tuna once, comes back behind MIC MAC and finally swims towards the tuna and puts it in his mouth! Few seconds after, Ian put the drag up and Michael accelates and this monster starts to jump at 75 meters behind the boat. The adrenaline, the motivation, the enthusiasm is now at his maximum in the boat.

Michael sits on the fighting chair and the fight begins. One hour later the blue marlin estimated around 300 Lbs is behind the boat and still very alive. They have to be careful because the risk of accident is too high with such a powerful fish. In fifteen mins they manage to get the fish tired by doing large circles with the boat around him.

After five more mins, the fish is dead on the surface and it is now possible to gaff the fish. YYYEEESSSS. What a NICE blue marlin and what a GREAT team work to win over this strong and powerful marlin.

Once arrived at Le Morne Anglers Club, the marlin is weighted at 432 Lbs (~210 kgs)! And the result is: 1 Blue Marlin, 10 Mahis and 10 Tuna’s.

What is important to notice:

  • Fish Whisperer Mauritius is NOT killing more than 3 marlins during one year when they are fishing for themselves. The revenue of a marlin is much higher than any other species that’s why they need one, two or three marlins in one year to achieve their financial target.
  • Fish Whisperer Mauritius ENCOURAGE the Marlin CATCH and RELEASE and will always ask their client to go for a release instead of killing a marlin.

They will come with a  more developed text to explain what has been the culture of the marlin fishing in Mauritius and what is happening now in terms of the catch and release in Mauritius and why it is difficult or why every fishermen does not apply it.